Buying a home can be tough and hard to figure out. This video does a really great job breaking down the steps into a buying a home. In this process, it goes over determining how much you need for a down payment, how to get pre-qualified and so much more…

One tip I have is if your credit isn’t in the best of shape or if you have trouble getting the big lump some of a down payment, look into FHA Loans.

In a future post, i’m going to show you lenders that are willing to work with you no matter what situation you are in.

Of course, once you’re ready to furnish your new beautiful home, definitely head over to Amazon to get everything you need.

Time Stamps

Number 1 – 1:45 How much do you need as a down payment for a primary residence? Number 2 – 3:58 How to build your credit: Number 3 – 5: 17 Pay off High interest Debt Number 4 – 6:27 Get Pre Qualified by a Lender Number 5 – 9:19 When is the BEST time to buy? Number 5.5 – 11:23 Should you wait for the market to drop? Number 6 – 13:30 Make a list of what you want Number 7 – 14:40 Should you use a Realtor? Number 8 – 17:31 How long does the process take? Number 9 – 18:15 See EVERYTHING on the market Number 10 – 19:16 Making an offer Number 11 – 21:22 Doing your inspections Number 12 – 25:37 Closing Costs