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We put in the work in, and for the past few years we’ve been fortunate enough to live this particular life that we are extremely proud of and honestly have been keeping it on the down low. 


At first, we were selfconscious and almost embarrassed that we were doing this brand deals and were scared of what our friends and family would think. Even though we were growing by the thousands on social media, we never wanted to act like we were some ego-centric couple. We just wanted to build a successful business and help as may people as we can. 

So here we are…

Over the years, we’ve gotten so may DM’s , so many emails, and so many meeting requests for coffee asking how the heck did we get started, what side hustles we had going and how they could do it too.

Welcome to the BLOG!!! 

“ Here is where we’re going to unveil everything, from how to’s, to interviews with top professionals and inside secrets that we use today to create new side hustles and also save you money on the daily.”
Juan Irizarry